Business users can sign up with EasyZip PARTNER and get access to the EasyZip platform where they can make use of services such as address verification, bulk navigation and logistics, to name a few. EasyZip PARTNER is a paid service where a user, for example UBER, signs up as an EasyZip PARTNER and adds its drivers as sub partners (sub partners have to sign in from the dedicated sub partners app), these sub partners can search for addresses and use the same for navigation. Should the sub partner wish to speak to the address owner, the phone call is routed through a dynamic number exchange which means that at no point of time the user’s personal details are made available to the sub partner.

EasyZip PARTNER Tracking

  • A partner can DEACTIVATE a sub partner at any point of time
  • All sub partner sessions are tracked (date and time logs)
  • Search logs are maintained with date and time stamp
  • Device ID is logged in the server
  • Location of sub partners is tracked and stored