Smart Address by EasyZip, 9 digits is all it takes to share or search for an address.

We understand how difficult or even irritating it can be to have to explain your address to someone. We also understand how confusing it can be to decode all the numbers and words in an address and reach the exact location, especially when you are new to a region. These are the exact problems that EasyZip solves.

Imagine having to share only a 9 digit number instead of a long address with 3 to 5 lines full of numbers and confusing words. Imagine entering this 9 digit number on an app or even google and being directed to the exact location. Wouldn’t this save time and make life easier for friends visiting you, cabs picking you up, people delivering food or other products to your doorstep, and ultimately you?

Well, you can stop imagining now and get your 9 digit EasyZip number right away in a few simple steps.

  • Download the EasyZip App on Android/iOS
  • Sign up using your mobile number
  • Click on ‘Create EazyZip’, pin your address on the map, enter your details and get your EasyZip

Go ahead, get your EasyZip number and start sharing!